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If there are any such things as exceptional territories, the estuary of the Gironde is definitely one of them, where the waters of the rivers Dordogne and Gironde mix with those of the Atlantic ocean to create a natural space to which nothing else compares: the largest estuary in Europe ! Following hundreds of kilometres along both river banks, one can alternatively discover islands, marshes and mud flats, cliffs and vineyardcovered hills. Beyond its particularly rich and still preserved natural patrimony, the estuary of the Gironde also includes high-quality soils which bear several highly-valued products such as wine, game, fish and... estuary lambs. Raised on salted and marsh meadows, the estuary lamb benefits from the best pastures, thus favourably influencing the quality of its meat, the taste of which is praised by connoisseurs.

"Agneau de l'Estuaire" (Estuary Lamb) is a registered trademark. The breeders committed themselves to express the potential of this product as well as the preservation of its qualities through environmentally respectful practices. This production is seasonal (from March to November).

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