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The marsh benefits of a national and European protection for the wealth of its flora and fauna. Wintering and migratory step for birds, it offers to discreet visitor (equipped with rubber boots and binoculars) the possibility to admire an unusual universe. The canton of Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde is located just next to the Charente-Maritime region. Marshes and vineyards will accompany you for your walks. The heritage will tell you our history and traditions, with its countless Girondines stone houses, its old towns and farms.


Idea of a 30 kms hike : Port of the Callonges – Braud-et-St-Louis – Etauliers (map available for free at the Tourist Office). 

Easy walk, but try to avoid the wind, because crossing the marshes can become hard. Wonderful in spring when the marshes are blooming and when nesting birds animate the sky. Interesting in autumn and winter too, particularly when hundreds of lapwings are in the fields. To see during the walk: 

- Canal des moulins
- White asparagus of Blaye (in season)
Terres d’Oiseaux
- The marsh of La Vergne
- Bocages
- Les Nouvelles Possessions
- Port of the Callonges.


The House of Wine in Blaye propose you to discover the appellation by bike. Along dirt tracks or winding paths, on the banks of the estuary or its steep slopes, discover the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux vineyard on a marked mountain-bike trails: a blue (easy) 20-km circuit leaving from the Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde Tourist Office, for a ride with no difficulties. For more information, click here.