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The Green Route

Put one foot before the other, or pedaling, is simple, fun and perfect for discovery. Tourism professionals speak of motorized transport. Gentle to the environment as non-motorized, soft for homo urbanus who forgets his watch. It is also necessary that the framework is right. The estuary is the ideal place to resume the dialogue with your legs.

From Le Verdon to Macau on the left bank, from Royan to Bourg-sur-Gironde on the right bank, the estuary stretches on over 80 km out. Large enough that we did not make the turn too fast, wild enough to allow the paths in the wilderness, so plural that we will never tire of.

On the left bank, the Route des Châteaux oscillates between vineyards and wild marshes. On the right bank, the Green Route from Royan to Blaye (D145 and D255) offers a breathtaking view, from the sea to the cliffs.

In addition to the cycle tracks which cross the “Pointe du Médoc”, and link Royan to Meschers-sur-Gironde or Blaye to Étauliers, many loops are present in the territory. They take you directly to the heart of the landscape: little beaches below the cliffs, rich flora, mystery of the islands, Gallo-Roman sites, Romanesque churches, Vauban citadel, vineyards and châteaux. You will probably come across Camino de Compostela through the estuary in Blaye.

Listen to the advice of experts and think your itinerary up. With a map on your pocket, you can take the secondary road network, and go through the marked routes. On both sides, discover small ports where we still meet the traditional fishing boats.